For Sellers

Selling a home is a process and can be confusing with all the information available today.  At what price should you List your home, what repairs and/or upgrades should be done? Do my personal belongings REALLY have to be packed up, put away, and pictures off the walls? When is the right time to sell?  Sometimes sorting out these thoughts and all the pros and cons can be exhausting.  

We will help you to STREAMLINE this process.  Selling a home for the highest price and at the right time, takes skill.  The better you know the rules and strategies, the better your success will be.  We have mastered these skills.  We know the market, We know the rules, and We are experts with the contract documents.  

Depending on your circumstances, selling may not always be a fun time of life, but it is a process, in which every step is critical. We are experienced in pricing, marketing, and selling homes.  We take the load, so you can focus on the many other things that often surround your life when it is time to sell.  We know how to help you understand the Offers that are received and what the price and terms of those Offers mean to you in dollars and cents at the end of the day.  Broker, janice Pierson, is a Master Certified Negotiation Expert which simply means that she has extensive training in negotiations; this coupled with years of negotiation experience empowers all of us here at SRE to be an asset to you when representing you and your objectives when selling your home.  In a Buyer's market, this is critical in obtaining fair market value for your home.  In a Seller's market, you will definitely want a REALTOR who knows how to navigate through multiple Offers, and discern between a truly profitable Offer and one that is only seemingly appealing on the surface.  Details are our specialty! =)

Let's talk.  

We will help you start the process and STREAMLINE the way to selling your home.  If this is not the first time around for you, you will experience the difference!  Whether you are a first time Seller or you have sold before, We are confident that you will enjoy the STREAMLINE EXPERIENCE with us!