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janice Pierson, BROKER    

The STREAMLINE Experience with janice Pierson - Broker

A little bit about janice....With a background in Contract and Business Management, Construction, and Law, janice (the lower case "j" is intentional) brings more than twenty years of negotiating experience into her real estate practice.  

Her focus is to educate, inform and listen to the needs, wants and concerns of her clients.  "I believe that I have a fiduciary duty to provide all my clients with a level of service that far surpasses all expectations.  I have been successful in this endeavor as many of my clients have expressed that their experience working with me as changed the way many of them feel about the Real Estate Professional."  janice's first priority is helping others obtain their goals, and her clients appreciate her down-to-earth, practical approach.  "When the clients are informed, their goals are the focus, and their interest have been protected, I believe that I have truly succeeded. and an everlasting relationship is formed."

Giving You The Information...And Keeping You Informed!